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Travel Arrangements

Kalgoorlie is located approximately 600km east of Perth, it is easily accessible by road, rail and air travel.

By Road

The Great Eastern Hwy will take you directly to Kalgoorlie from Perth. The drive from Perth will take you approximately seven hours. There are many towns along the way where you will be able to refuel, have a meal and rest break. Please be aware that driver fatigue is a common cause of road accidents, stop and rest at least every two hours or share the drive with a friend. It is a good idea to drive with your headlights on during the day so that other vehicles can see you clearly. Also be aware that dusk and dawn are the most dangerous times for animals on the road. Please drive carefully!

By Rail

The Prospector train operates daily from Perth to Kalgoorlie and twice on Mondays and Fridays. The journey takes approximately 7 hours. Refreshments are available on board.

Day Departure/Arrival times: (leaving from Perth)
M 7.15am gets in at 2pm
3.15pm gets in at 10pm
T 7.15am gets in at 2pm
W 7.15am gets in at 2pm
Thu 7.15am gets in at 2pm
F 7.15am gets in at 2pm
3.25pm gets in at 10.05 pm
Sat 7.15am gets in at 2pm
Sun 2.15pm gets in at 9pm

The Indian Pacific also stops in Kalgoorlie on its way from Perth to Sydney twice a week on Wednesdays and Sundays.

W 11.55am gets in at 9.50pm
Sun 11.55am gets in at 10.20pm

More information:

There is also a train direct from Adelaide to Kalgoorlie.

By Air

You can book a flight from Perth to Kalgoorlie. Flights are now also available from Melbourne to Kalgoorlie with Sky West Airlines.

You can book your tickets at one of the following airlines:

Qantas Airways
Virgin Blue Airlines
Skywest Airlines