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Curtin University of Technology
Curtin CSAA 2008 Conference

Featured Speakers

The Hon Fred Chaney AO

The Hon Fred ChaneyThe former Chancellor, Murdoch University and Director of Reconciliation Australia. The Hon Fred Chaney AO | Co Chair - Perth was born in Perth in 1941. He practised law in New Guinea and Western Australia, including time in-house with the Hancock-Wright prospecting partnership, and subsequent private practice with emphasis on mining-related work until he entered the Senate in 1974. Fred was involved in the Aboriginal Legal Service in a voluntary capacity in the early 1970s. He was in the Senate until 1990 and was Leader of the Opposition in the Senate from 1983 to 1990. He was Member for Pearce in the House of Representatives from 1990 to 1993. Among his Ministerial appointments were Aboriginal Affairs, Social Security, and Minister Assisting the Minister for National Development and Energy. After leaving Parliament he undertook research into Aboriginal Affairs policy and administration as a Research Fellow with the Graduate School of Management at the University of Western Australia from 1993 to April 1995.

Kim Scott

Kim ScottKim Scott is a descendant of people who have always lived along the south-east coast of Western Australia and is glad to be living in times when it is possible to explore the significance of that fact and be one among those who call themselves Nyoongar. He began writing for publication shortly after he became a secondary school teacher of English. He has written two novels and a children's book, and has had poetry and short stories published in a range of anthologies. His first novel, True Country, was published in 1993 and will appear in a French translation in 2005. His second novel, Benang, won the WA Premiers Literary Award 1999, the Miles Franklin Award 2000, and the RAKA Kate Challis Award 2001. OzArts website.

Professor Mieke Bal

Professor Mieke BalMieke Bal is Professor of Theory of Literature and a founding director of the Amsterdam School for Cultural Analysis (ASCA). Professor Bal (1946) has been awarded an Academy Professorship for her original contributions to narratology and to her application of the principles of literary theoryto the visualarts. A prime example of her contributions in the field of narratology is her trilogy on the bible from a feminist perspective. Her application of the principles of literary theory to the visual arts is highly innovative, bold and imaginative. In the broad field of cultural analysis Professor Bal is both widely respected and highly admired.

Mieke Bal’s exhibition at The Fremantle Fibonnacci Centre.
Opening night Saturday 13th December

Associate Professor Lisa Parks

Associates Professor Lisa ParksLisa Parks, is Associate Professor of Film and Media Studies at UC Santa Barbara, where she is also an affiliate of the Departments of Art and Women’s Studies and serves on the Executive Committee on the College of Creative Studies. Her research explores uses of satellite, computer and television technologies in a transnational context. She is the author of Cultures in Orbit: Satellites and the Televisual (Duke University Press 2005) and co-editor of Planet TV: A Global Television Reader (NYU Press 2003) and Undead TV: Essays on Buffy the Vampire Slayer (Duke UP, 2007). She is also co-producer of media arts projects such as Experiments in Satellite Media Arts with Ursula Biemann (2002), Loom with Miha Vipotnik (2003), Postwar Footprints (2005), Roaming (2008), and participated in the Object of Media Studies project led by Amelie Hastie (2006). She has been a co-investigator in internationally funded projects including the Missing Links Project (UCSB-Utrecht) and the Transcultural Geography Project (Zurich-Cologne-Ljubljana). Parks sits on the editorial boards of Cultural Studies, International Journal of Cultural Studies, Film Quarterly, The Velvet Light Trap, Mediascape, and e-media, and is director of the Global Cultures in Transition research initiative for the Center for Information Technology and Society at UCSB. She is currently writing a new book called Mixed Signals: Media Infrastructures and Cultural Geographies and was a research fellow at the Wissenschaftskolleg of Berlin (Institute for Advanced Study) in 2006-2007.