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Curtin University of Technology
Curtin CSAA 2008 Conference

Conference Events

“Treasures in Maggie’s Trunk”

The Centre for Everyday Life, a Murdoch University research centre, is very excited about holding a small exhibition based on the contents of our colleague, Lyn Dale’s grandmother’s Saratoga cabin trunk, to be housed by the WA Museum at Kalgoorlie for a period of two months. The opening of the exhibition will be timed to coincide with the CSAA conference.

In London in 1900, 24 year old Maggie Kelly was one of a group of young female domestic servants, who embarked on the ‘bride ship’ Banffshire bound for Western Australia. Maggie packed all of her possessions in her sturdy Saratoga trunk and over a century later its contents are a time capsule that tell the story of her life.

The trunk contains a vast array of items belonging to Maggie, who spent some time living in the goldfields where she met her husband, James Kane, an Irish miner. Before they met James took up a lease in the Kalgoorlie area but, by the time their first child was born in 1902 he was working on the Great Boulder mine.

The exhibition will showcase the trunk and its contents as a documented story that Maggie Kelly’s time capsule has revealed.

All CSAA conference goers are invited to the opening of this exhibition as part of the conference’s extended schedule.

Read more: The treasures in the trunk [.pdf - 13kb]

Mieke Bal’s exhibition at The Fremantle Fibonnacci Centre.
Opening night Saturday 13th December

Cinema Suitcase

Nothing is Missing: an installation of a living room setting with a video screening of mothers of migrants
GLUB (Hearts): an installation and video screening about the changes in western urban cities under the influence of migration.

Short films

Mieke’s url: